The hottest tail in Kansas City


Holly Starr and one lucky dog.
  • Holly Starr and one lucky dog.

Who's hotter? Holly Starr's dog or Bryan Busby's cats? I have no idea. But Wayside Waifs' Hot Tails of Kansas City has pitted well known locals pets against each other to raise money for the shelter. Starr and Busby are lending their names to raising bucks for Wayside Waifs (each dollar counts as a vote). So far, Starr hasn't raised any money. Busby has received $70. The leader so far is Bailey Allen, Kansas state Sen. Barbara Allen's dog, with $1,225.

Wayside Waifs' goal is $50,000. So far they've raised $2,165. Voting ends October 22.

Credit Wayside Waifs for finding ways to use social media and the Internet to raise money.

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