More Franz Ferdinand adventures in KC, featuring shameless mandal-wearing and burger-eating



Earlier, I posted a review and slide show of Franz Ferdinand's visit to KC yesterday, but due to an overcrowded inbox, a few photos from the day's earlier event escaped my attention. But that's kind of good, in a way, because now it seems like a bonus. Without further ado, Alex Kapranos singing his heart out at Kegs and Eggs, in mandals.


Don't worry, your beloved WB is not becoming the kind of blog that posts pix of celebs and makes fun of them. We look in the mirror enough to know better. Besides, we got no reason to dis Kapranos for his choice (however dad-like) in footwear at some random, remote, radio breakfast show. When you're 37 years old and a rock star who's done awesome shit like this, you can wear what you want when you come to our town.

Unfortunately, his co-performer at the show, FF guitarist Nick McCarthy did not have that same luxury of choice in footwear. McCarthy recently broke his ankle injured his foot somehow and has been wearing a special cast/boot-type thing.


NME recently posted a video of him tenderly hobbling around Colorado. He has been playing previous shows seated, but was on his feet last night.

Meanwhile, over at the band's tour diary, drummer Paul Thomson posted photos and reports from his adventures across the Kansas City burgerscape. He liked Town Topic best but gave the Double Winstead its fair shake.

Don't think about it, Paul, just do it.
  • Don't think about it, Paul, just do it.

TT and Winstead's in the same day? That Scot must have a stomach of steel.

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