Why the Grammys Suck



This fabulous, trenchant evisceration of the Grammys by blogger Bill Wyman, inspired by a NYT article on how the strike will affect this year's ceremony, had me standing up and cheering.

In this one paragraph Wyman sums up the main reason why the Grammys suck better than I've ever heard articulated:

"Decades of awards that consistently fall upon on a spectrum ranging from the haphazard or the absurdist to the silly and the just plain wrong. To ask how the Foo Fighters become an album-of-the-year band is to ask why Evanescence (or Maroon 5, or Paula Cole, or Hootie & the Blowfish) was a best new artist, or why U2, after a 20-something-year career, is suddenly routinely winning album, song and record of the year awards."


Congratulations again, Baha Men, on your 2000 Grammy.

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