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Black Heart Procession

Tuesday, October 12, at the Bottleneck.


Black Heart Procession was ahead of its time when it blended upbeat island rhythms with baroque gloom on its 2002 album, Amore del Tropico. Today, disaster strikes many in palm-tree paradises, whether in reality (behold the wrath of Hurricane Ivan), reality television (Survivor's bug bites and bite-the-bug challenges) or regular TV (Lost, which strands plane-crash victims in the South Pacific). Amore del Tropico was a smart move for this dark, dark duo, whose creative rut was evident in its three previous album titles (One, Two and Three.) Great records all, but the doom-ridden dirges were becoming a bit oppressive, despite their morose melodic charms. Amore el Tropico plays like scenes from a doctor-mandated vacation. There's revelry all around, but this sorrowful soul still can't let go. The companion DVD, released this year, provides a murder-mystery plot, but imaginative fans might want to stick with their own soundtrack-inspired scenes.

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