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Reading the KCRag Forum is like that one drama-queen relative: sometimes infuriating but always entertaining. The site, which is devoted to discussing Kansas City development issues, draws a loyal group of anonymous commenters who share strong opinions on the direction of the city, with topics such as "Hyde Park: Believe the Hype?" and "Sprint Center's Necessity." But it's not all serious TIF talk on this Rag; KC Scene covers the latest openings and closings of local bars and restaurants as well as user reviews of these places. There's also a section devoted to area sports and one in which people post cool photos of the city. The most entertaining threads are those where tensions run high, the posts go up fast and the debate rages for at least several pages. One such conversation concerned how vacationing Kansas Citians should answer the question "Where are you from?" Some posters felt that you couldn't say you were from Kansas City unless you lived in KCMO proper; others cried bullshit on that, arguing that saying "Kansas City" was easier than explaining Overland Park or Blue Springs. Whatever their views, the posters at KCRag Forum share a fierce love of the city.

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