Best Way to Really Clean Up Your Act

Caroline's Colon Health Care

The legendary Mae West, who lived to be 87 years old, claimed that one of her greatest beauty secrets was the regular use of colonics. That's right, getting all that nasty old stuff out of your bowels. Caroline Cawley got sold on the process when she was in sales, coping with all kinds of corporate bullshit. "After a colon hydrotherapy," she says, "I felt my life had changed." So she flushed her former career and went to school to learn colon hydrotherapy in order to help other people deal with their own stinking crap. It's a relaxing process, lying on a padded table while gallons of warm water flow into your bowels "massaging your major reflex points," Cawley says. She uses the latest professional equipment (it's not like the primitive old days, with slanted boards and bathtubs), and when the icky toxins come out, so do stress and digestive problems. "I have patients who tell me it helps their energy, their skin, their attitude," Cawley says. And afterward, no one can tell them they're full of shit.
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