Best Waitress

Jessica McClanahan

Being a good cocktail waitress comes down to timing. Jessica McClanahan materializes exactly when she's needed. She doesn't breathe down your neck or eye the contents of your glass before you're ready to order again. McClanahan's white-blond hair is easy to spot across the bar, and her low, narcotic voice instantly breaks the ice. The 22-year-old adores her trivia-night regulars just as much as the gritty hip-hop crowd and the oily punk-rock kids and the tweedy bluegrass lovers -- only natural for a woman of diverse tastes. She lists both Three 6 Mafia and Willie Nelson as favorites on her MySpace page. She thinks karma makes her everyone's favorite cocktail waitress (because she tips well when she's out), but we know that McClanahan's steady hand with a martini glass and her sweet disposition are what really keep everyone coming 'round like a record, baby.
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