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"It's beer night tonight," the clerk told us as we roamed the aisles of SRO Video. Beer night? Yeah, he told us. Every second Friday of the month, the video store gives away free beer. We're not talkin' cans of Natty Light. SRO slings the good stuff -- Newcastle, Red Stripe, Rolling Rock. Netflix may deliver DVDs to your mailbox, but the Internet video store can't deliver a frosty brew. And screw Blockbuster's no-late-fee campaign. That chain's tape monkeys have never tossed us a cold one, let alone given us a freebie. Beer night may be a highlight, but all month long, SRO offers deals. In these days of straight-to-your-mailbox rentals and no late fees, a neighborhood video store has to be different. SRO Video, which Sue Ann Snow opened in 1985, is definitely different. Beer night isn't the only creative promotion here; the store offers $1 rentals to people wearing straw hats, $1 off rentals to folks who can answer the daily trivia question, and birthday specials on Queen Elizabeth's and Jimmy Connors' birthdays. But we'll be back on the second Friday of the month.
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