Best Veterinary Tech

Jan Winner

A 20-minute car ride was pushing it, but the cat needed a test by the veterinary oncologist at VSEC. Words of encouragement — "It's OK. We're almost there" — didn't ease the cat's nerves. After exiting the highway, with only five minutes to go, his incessant meowing turned to a deep-bellied yowl, then a roiling body spasm, followed by an exploding bowel. Then he threw up, too, in the confinement of his carrier. Finally, the ride was over, but the vet tech was tied up — giving a dog chemotherapy. When Jan Winner made it to the waiting area, she apologized. "Poor guy," she said of the cat. "He was scared." She cleaned him up and cleaned up the carrier, too. She lined the bottom of the carrier with disposable diapers for the ride home, which went more smoothly following good news.

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