Best Vendor at the Sports Complex

Chuy Gomez

Although other vendors have begun to imitate his schtick, no one can sell lemonade like the hunky Latino guy in the yellow shirt. He flows up and down the steps at Kauffman Stadium, shouting "Leemon-ay! Lee-mon-ay! Leemon-ay! Oooooooooo!" That oooooooooo might be the sound of a beach ball, if a beach ball made any noise bouncing over an ebullient crowd on a hot summer night. The people in the stands toss it right back at him, yelling,"Ooooooooo!" He's been mentioned in a letter to the editor in the Star, and the night we stopped him to find out his name, a Royals fan who'd obviously drunk more beer than lemonade ran up to him, stuck a finger in his face and said, "You're the greatest lemonade guy in the history of lemonade!" Hey, buddy, this kid has a name: He's Chuy Gomez, he's 23 years old and he's from Pomona, California. He works for Pearce Brothers Company, traveling the country working sports events and concerts. "I love my job," he says with a grin. "I think I sell a lot because people like the oooo." That's not all they like. Chuy is infinitely more gorgeous than any of the guys on the field. He's so sweet that even sweat pouring off his nose sparkles, as if it might taste like lemonade.

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