Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Blue Bird Bistro

An exclusively vegetarian restaurant in meat-loving Kansas City is a tough business proposition -- non-meat eaters love the idea, but often their dining companions don't. So when Bluebird Bistro owner Jane Zieha-Bell purchased the restaurant formerly known as the Bluebird Café nearly five years ago, she made three dramatic changes: She added meat to the menu, improved the lackadaisical service and tossed out the ghastly dessert menu. The place is now a comfortable, cheery venue that's not exclusively vegetarian but still focuses on healthy eating. "I tell customers we're an organic restaurant that honors vegetarians and vegans," Zieha-Bell says. Chef Liz Huffman always has one or two vegan-friendly offerings on the menu, and they're tasty and flavorful. Veg haters can dine on bison, beef, fish and chicken. Even better, the Bluebird serves a great Sunday brunch with both meat and meat-free choices. And because a sweet finale is important to vegans and carnivores alike, a new pastry chef is whipping up desserts that look and taste decadently delicious.
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