Best Used Vinyl/CD Store, Kansas City

Recycled Sounds

Every good live-music scene needs a hip record store at its heart, and Recycled Sounds helps keep the local pulse throbbing. Anne Winter has kept her shop open for 17 years and has always been a strong supporter of KC music, whether by stocking and recommending homespun albums by area artists or interviewing them in the pages of Dandercroft. Winter's store is increasingly the source for the city's growing population of young vinyl junkies -- kids who have realized that a CD is just a CD, but a vinyl LP is a record. A rockin' poster collection and Saturday afternoon in-store performances add to Recycled Sounds' appeal, but in the end, it comes down to whether shoppers can find a good, cheap used copy of an album on their want list. On that front, Recycled Sounds always delivers.
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