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Bloomsday Books

Why let all those books you read 10 years ago collect dust on your shelf? Turn them in at Bloomsday Books for credit and walk out with a stack of books that will keep you busy for at least a few weeks. This store seems to be a favorite of people who buy hardback editions of new novels and then return them as soon as they've been read. The store is well organized, with one of the best women's studies and history sections in the city. Cultural studies, classic literature, contemporary fiction, black studies, and science fiction sections are also well-stocked. Inside Bloomsday is an espresso stand with baked goods, so you can refresh yourself while you sit in one of the many chairs or spread your books out on a table to decide what you want to take home. Best of all, owner Tom Shawver is picky about the condition of the books he accepts for resale, so no one has to waste time trying to find the least yellowed copy.
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