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Acme Bicycle Company

Christi Lynne and Sarah Gibson, the women who own and operate Acme Bicycle Company (formerly Old Town Cycling of Lenexa) don't just sell bikes -- they deal in "urban transportation." The interior of this East Crossroads workshop is a cycle-obsessed mad-scientist's laboratory, stocked with fully assembled bikes and parts -- countless wheels, frames, handlebars, fenders, forks, crank arms and things known only to the specialist, all waiting to be welded and bolted together into a sleek, old-school pedaling machine. "If it's a bicycle, we do it," Lynne says, summing up her shop's range of services. Acme specializes primarily in the traditional, mountain path. In this vein, they can custom-build an on-the-go shifting machine or a laid-back single-speeder. Can't imagine going to work on a Raleigh? Think again: Lynne predicts that when the price of oil skyrockets to $100-plus a barrel, car-loving city dwellers will rediscover the benefits of good old-fashioned leg power.
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