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Slabotsky & Sons Fine Menswear

Who, you ask, is the Slabotsky Man? No, he's not a neolithic skeleton discovered in 1890s France with a tiger tooth in his skull, decayed slingshot in hand. The Slabotsky Man, est. 1914, is the most formidable breed of Kansas City male. He may be any age, but he tucks in his shirt and stands up straight. He matches you martini for martini at lunch. He eats his steaks downtown and shoots his animals south of 119th Street. Most important, he is a man with a tailor — a Slabotsky & Son tailor. Visit the ancient, towering Bryant Building at 1102 Grand, walk through the metal-and-glass door of Slabotsky & Son Fine Menswear, and you will find the Slabotsky Man in his natural habitat, foraging amid the fine shirts, slacks, suits and mouthwatering ties for his next splendid raiment. He chats with the ultra-personable employees, including owner Bruce Jerwick, who bought the place 10 years ago from Gordon Slabotsky, son of Abe, the original Slabotsky Man. Jerwick is so nonchalant in his cheer, in fact, that the Slabotsky Man frequently forgets that ol' Bruce is not his brother-in-law. His real brother-in-law is named Dave — Dave, always with the dark socks with shorts, who still owes him $80. I will get that $80, the Slabotsky Man thinks, and I will buy these pants and maybe have them taken up. Or maybe bet it on the ponies. Do what fits, Slabotsky Man.

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