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We simply can't believe that this six-year-old band hasn't been discovered by a credible label. The pain! The injustice! Somebody do something! Even worse, NNHM's 2003 album, Your Voice Repeating -- one of the few local releases that can legitimately be called seminal -- is now out of print. We're sure that if some big cheese from Sub Pop or Merge saw this band's live performance -- a soaring, mysterious musical experience -- he would load the brainy, quasi-electronic trio into his rented Toyota and take them back to his hotel to talk business. But that's not really how the music business works, and NNHM knows it. Fortunately, this band also knows how to keep getting better, as it demonstrated on a recent four-song EP that features brilliant covers of Sparklehorse, Doris Henson, Minus Story and the Flaming Lips -- all of whom should be fans by now, too.
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