Best Uninvited Guests

Dirty Force

Dirty Force has never had a legitimate gig. Beginning this past Mardi Gras, a group of young musicians decided to play a little prank, showing up unannounced at various celebrations, strolling through the premises with their loud brass instruments. They started at Danny's Big Easy, where the hired band stopped the show briefly, its members looking back and forth at one another in utter confusion before eventually giving in and playing along. Things continued to go well at the Pub, where DJ Soulbot and the Lil' Sluggers were spinning electronic music. "They liked it," says one of the Dirty Force musicians. "Their equipment had failed, so we helped them with a nice little segue into their music while they got it taken care of." How did their brief interruption of Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys' show go later on? They don't remember. They were drunk. The group had so much fun that it stuck together for post-Mardi Gras appearances, first storming our own Music Awards and later doing a "Lawrence tour" with stops at Tellers (they were escorted out "rather impolitely"), South Park (where breast-feeding women were scheduled to congregate for the evening) and all the bars. They were especially popular at the Free State Brewery. Unfortunately, one of the Dirty Force's members is moving to New York to pursue his music, and another has heard the call of the open road: He's riding his bicycle to Mexico. Perhaps there will be other incarnations of this ballsy brass band. We hate to endorse trespassing, but we like to see people shake things up.

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