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Kansas City, Missouri, City Councilman Russ Johnson's Twitter bio reads: "If it's possible and a good idea, I can get it built: streetcars, trails, software, streets, buildings, etc." Johnson is one of the more unusual City Hall personalities. Where many local politicians insulate themselves from criticism, Johnson is not afraid to use Twitter (@russkc) and other means to strike out at critics, gadflies and the media. Johnson's prickly nature led to the birth of a sly, funny parody account — @notrusskc — that mocks his condescension and his behavior, like his bolting from KMBC Channel 9 reporter Micheal Mahoney, who was armed with a camera and questions about the KCI proposal. "If it is possible and a bad idea, I will build it, regardless of what Kansas City wants," @notrusskc's bio reads. "Streetcars, single terminal airports, giant hotels, empty arenas, etc."

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