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Micheal Mahoney KMBC Channel 9

We love how KMBC Channel 9's Micheal Mahoney works like a son of a bitch. This year, Mahoney was at his best on the night of the August 8 primary, when Jackson County Prosecutor Mike Sanders was kicking the ass of Missouri Sen. Charles Wheeler. Channel 9 called the race for Sanders and went live to Wheeler headquarters, where Mahoney delivered the bad news. The obstinate Wheeler, in a quaking voice, demanded to know the name of Channel 9's "mathematician." Mahoney calmly recapped the results, but Wheeler said he'd comment in an hour. Thirty minutes later, the outcome was undeniable, and Larry Moore went back to Mahoney. "You've just seen Mike Sanders' victory speech," Mahoney told Wheeler. "Are you conceding?" No, Wheeler wasn't. Instead, he accused Channel 9 of being "the only one that's conceded to Sanders." Mahoney was unfazed: "At this point, Senator, with two-thirds of the vote in, Channel 9 is reporting and counting that he has a 22-point lead. That is substantial." Wheeler said he'd wait out the hour, then took a swipe at the slow-moving Kansas City Election Board, paraphrasing Hamlet: "There's a possibility that something is rotten in Denmark." Wheeler's supporters in the background may have thought he looked brilliantly witty, but objective viewers had to wonder about his grasp on reality. Mahoney, however, finessed a dignified exit. "Very puzzling questions, aren't they, sir?" Wheeler agreed, and Mahoney threw it back to Larry, having conducted an extraordinarily professional interview that also made it obvious why Wheeler had lost so badly.
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