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Heartland Men's Chorus

The voices of 200 singers filled Redemptorist Catholic Church in midtown one Sunday in February. The performance of French composer Gabriel Fauré's Requiem raised money for the church's organ. The church staff had invited the Heartland Men's Chorus to participate in the program, a move that didn't sit well with those Catholics who think gay men should renounce their gay ways. In advance of the event, a conservative blogger faulted the church for inviting "a group with an open agenda of proselytizing their message of first tolerance, then acceptance, finally conversion." Members of the men's chorus brushed aside the complaints and focused on the music. In the end, the performance of Fauré's "Lullaby of Death" packed the pews, and there were no reports that the statue of Mary above the church door shed a tear upon the arrival of of gay and gay-sensitive men wearing tuxedoes.

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