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Paul Frank, "Don't Mess With Kansas (Either)"

We're sick and tired of people telling us we're not in Kansas anymore. For that matter, we no longer need to be informed by T-shirt, greeting card or coffee mug that there's no place like home. These Oz-inspired slogans make us sound like a bunch of ninnies. That's why internationally acclaimed designer Paul Frank's T-shirt that read "Don't Mess with Kansas (either)" is so awesome. Not only does it set the record straight, establishing our relationship with tornadoes and the like as the truly badass phenomenon that it is, but it also hints -- with its blatant rip-off of the Texas state mantra -- that we have a bit of an inferiority complex here in the heartland. It's kind of like "As long as you're not messing with Texas, you might as well just leave us alone, too, seeing as how we are both states that end in as. Oklahoma, incidentally, is still open for messing." It might not be the most confident battle cry, but it damned sure beats crying to Auntie Em all the time.
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