Best Store to Meet Your Match

Trader Joe's at Ward Parkway

8600 Ward Parkway | 816-333-5322

It's a modern-day love story: He first noticed her as she inhaled the scent of the modestly priced flowers by the Trader Joe's entrance, two reusa­ble bags hanging from one of her slender wrists. She looked up and saw him push his cart past the berry-mango bran muffins and straight to the lovingly sculpted balls of fresh mozzarella. She maneuvered closer to him, near the thick packages of wrapped salami. Around them, the bright store buzzed with happy shoppers, dazzled at last after years of longing for this kind of bliss. She made her move after picking out a bottle of sparkling sake. He was choosing a Spanish red. "Hello," she said. "Hi," he answered. They moved together to find what they agreed they could no longer live without: dark-chocolate edamame. Come what may, they knew from the start what they would always share: patience, brand loyalty and a certain hunger.

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