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Rany Jazayerli

What may have been the most disappointing team in the history of the Kansas City Royals had a eulogist when Rany Jazayerli — "dermatologist by day, baseball writer by night, pathetic Royals fan all the time" — analyzed the hope (18-11 start!) and the horror that made up the 2009 season better than anyone, including the paid professionals. Jazayerli put Trey Hillman on notice on opening day, after a game in which the manager made a demonstrably stupid move. As the season wore on and the team's flaws became more evident, Jazayerli took a wider view. His frustrations culminated with a bruising 3,000-word assessment of the team's training and medical staff, an essay that was so powerful, it forced Royals management into a defensive crouch. By the end of July, Jazayerli was pulling out references to the '80s sci-fi show V and calling himself the accidental leader of the resistance movement. Fight on, brother.

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