Best Smoking Bar

Bickering Tree Lounge

We need more bars like the Bickering Tree Lounge (for reasons other than its outstanding name). We've lost too many good neighborhood holes in the wall to encroaching hoards of amateur drunks who haven't yet learned to hold their liquor. Located in Raytown, the Bickering Tree also holds to the principle that nothing complements a bit of bourbon like a freshly lit cigarette. While the KC smoking ordinance may cause other area bars to fear the arrival of ticket-toting lawmen, the Bickering Tree features a collection of police badges stuck to the wall, giving the place a tough-guy feel that pairs well with the haze of smoke. But while you booze it up like a tortured soul, don't be afraid to chuckle inside. The conversation with the old-timers at the bar is pretty entertaining, even if you're only eavesdropping.

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