Best Signature Coffee Drink

Cracked Ice at LattéLand

OK, so LatteLand is a terrible name for a coffee shop. It is embarrassing to make plans to meet there, because uttering the word LattéLand makes you sound like something you never wanted to become: a yuppie. Even the coffee shop on Friends -- Central Perk -- sounds rough-edged and gritty by comparison. But the coffee is worth the embarrassment. The cracked ice, in particular, kicks some serious ass. We know that other coffee shops have thick, icy coffee beverages similar to the cracked ice, but most of those are flavored with prepackaged blends. LattéLand's cracked ice comes in four flavors -- coffee, espresso, mocha and hazelnut -- and baristas personally pull the shots before blending the drinks with ice, so the coffee taste is always fresh. Drinking just one will make you run in circles, which is exactly what any self-respecting coffee shop should make you want to do.
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