Best Sign Alterations


We salute the architects who designed the Walgreens at 39th and Broadway for putting the sign that advertises sale items at ground level -- a bold move considering that it's in a neighborhood teeming with bars and impish drunken wordsmiths who cleverly rearrange the letters and make our inner twelve-year-olds giggle maniacally. We're always vastly cheered by driving past and seeing "ass torted sodas" or "adult T-shits" advertised. We like to think that the Walgreens people are just as amused; otherwise, why would they have "glass chess sets" on sale? That's just asking for trouble. The second-best sign alteration we spotted? On the chalkboard at Succotash in the River Market: "Welcome, please seat yourself" had been changed to "come, eat our elf."

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