Best Show by a One-Man Band

Bob Log III at the Brick

Dressed in an unbreathably tight purple suit and a helmet with a phone receiver attached to the mouthpiece, Bob Log III must have been sweating up a storm the August night he performed at the Brick. Besides being toastily attired, Log played slide guitar, sang and kept separate drum beats with each foot. After the first song, with which he was dissatisfied, he called out, "Hey, soundman, are you gonna get this thing worked out or what? That's why they call it a soundcheck!" The technician was humbled into getting the show up to speed, and Log was abundantly pleased with his progress, yelling out after the second song, "Now I'm happy. I'm so happy, I'm gonna sing a song about really big tits." Later in the show, he invited two women to the stage to help him. Each woman sat on one leg, moving up and down on his lap in different -- but coordinated -- rhythms. Everybody's head was bobbing, and a hipster crowd lightened way the hell up during the course of Log's spirited act. We guess that just goes to show how well a slogan like "Clap your tits together" goes over in this town.

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