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Old Westport Shopping Center

It's an exaggeration to say that the Old Westport Shopping Center is the best shopping center in the Northern Hemisphere. But we've developed warm feelings toward hyperbole. So to anyone who argues that the Old Westport Shopping Center is anything less than the Platonic ideal to which all other shopping centers aspire, we offer this triumvirate of amazing anchor tenants: the Record Bar, Half Price Books and Westlake Ace Hardware. Those three destinations alone account for enough lost Saturdays to string together into a Hundred-Year Weekend. But if you have a few more spendjamins to burn, Unique Furniture Options offers an array of upscale home furnishings, a selection belied by the shopping center's rustic covered-wagon centerpiece. Sister store Unique Fabric Options can help you reupholster your old furniture. Order some eggs Benedict at First Watch or gaze enviously through the glass window at State Beauty Supply, where you are not welcome to shop unless you are a licensed beauty professional. After picking up her pantsuit at Pride Cleaners, Mom can work up a sweat at Curves, then browse All About Scrapbooking.
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