Best Sexy Musician, Female

Ruby Falls, Alacartoona

When looking at a female singer, it's not nice to stare, drool and gradually (or immediately) give way to a joyous, antiquated lust that hasn't been felt in the loins of Kansas City since the decadent 1920s. But when that irresistible dame is Ruby Falls (real name, Erin McGrane) of the neo-cabaret act Alacartoona, then you simply don't have much choice. Anyhow, it's all in the spirit of the show. Resplendent in pageboy wig and pert dress, teasing ladies and gents alike with generous glimpses of cleavage and garter-clad thigh, Ruby's stage presence can give even the most puritanical audience member a low-grade fever. Once she's gotten the audience's attention with her feminine wiles, Ruby dazzles, shifting from melodramatic diva to brokenhearted tramp to proud heroine in the course of just one song. This gal was born for the stage -- and we were made to look at her.
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