Best Run-in With the Missouri Highway Patrol

CM Punk

Driving through Missouri isn't easy for anyone. Just ask WWE Champion CM Punk. The Second City Saint told a Philadelphia Comic-Con crowd his story of getting harassed by a swarm of Missouri cops while passing through with his "road wife" and fellow pro wrestler, Kofi Kingston. "We have an out-of-state car driving through Missouri," Punk told the crowd. "I have an Illinois state driver's license. Kofi has a Tampa [Florida] state driver's license. He is black. He has dreadlocks. I am covered in tattoos, and I look like I know how to make some pretty good meth. ...You cannot tell that cop there is no weed in the car. He thinks he's hit the mother lode." The truth isn't quite as sexy. Punk lives a straight-edge lifestyle, meaning no meth, no weed, no booze, probably not even a breath mint. The story holds up a fact that Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has called "disturbing": Black drivers are stopped at a considerably higher rate than white drivers in the state. The good news for Punk and Kingston: They now have a tour bus.

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