Best Rock-Star Meltdown

Wes Scantlin

We need to lay off Wes Scantlin. Apparently, we're driving the erstwhile homeboy and Puddle of Mudd lead singer to drink. A lot. His detractors may argue that the Kansas City native can't sing very well before he gets shit-canned, but Scantlin showed at a February 22 show in Toledo, Ohio, that he certainly doesn't sing any better after getting loaded. The rest of the band left their leader swaying and slurring onstage in disgust after only four songs when it became evident that an inebriated Scantlin couldn't pass a sobriety test, let alone sing "She Hates Me." And boy, did she ever. Scantlin held court for a solid 30 minutes, dropping his guitar, taunting the crowd, improvising incoherent lyrics and apologizing profusely, when he wasn't admitting that he was too fucked up to perform. After being pelted with boos (and booze), Scantlin staggered back to the dressing room, where he was promptly arrested for disorderly conduct. We're so proud.
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