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U.S. Toy

What's the greatest thing you've ever bought from U.S. Toy? This question, posed anywhere in Kansas City, is guaranteed to stir up a typhoon of answers. Maybe skull-and-crossbones-emblazoned pencils, scratch-and-sniff stickers or a jumping rubber spider. Maybe those plastic fingertips with red nails that you wear over your own fingers. The blow-up dinosaurs are excellent. So are the coconut bra, the sailor hat, the endless supply of superbouncy balls. Then there's the JFK mask or the gigantic, inflatable hammer. Don't forget the fart-noise key chain. U.S. Toy sells practical things, too: party supplies, wristbands for events, little trophies to give as awards to kids. But the things you didn't know you were looking for end up being the best stuff in your basket.

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