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Walt Bodine

Many joke about Walt Bodine being past his prime. Shame on them. These days, Bodine is better than ever. Seriously, have you been listening to this man? Just last month, while interviewing the author of Energy Addict: 101 Physical, Mental and Spiritual Ways to Energize Your Life, Bodine noted that in his years of interviewing authors, he'd met the ones who offered seven ways to do this or ten ways to do that, and every now and then, someone like this guy would come along with "101 ways to fall out of bed or whatever." And then, without a hint of snarkiness, Bodine asked this visiting author whether he'd stretched to get that last item in his 101. The energy guru insisted that he had not, but Bodine's question answered itself: How can all these authors just coincidentally happen to have exactly 101 solutions to whatever problem ails you? It's a total self-help cliché, and Bodine was on it like a fly. But more impressive, earlier in the year, Bodine had Hallmark designers and writers on the show. At a time when gay couples were defiantly getting married, one caller asked whether Hallmark offered a line of cards for such an occasion. The guests squirmed audibly. No, they said, Hallmark did not make gay-marriage cards specifically, but plenty of Hallmark cards were vague enough to be applicable. Bodine chimed in to summarize the discussion, noting that the Hallmark designers were tiptoeing around the issue, but that maybe in about ten years or so, they'd get with the times. Mr. Bodine, you totally rule. All we can say is, "Come on in!"
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