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Plug Projects

1613 Genessee | 646-535-7584 |

Plug Projects occupies a pint-sized, plywood-floored storefront on Genessee Street, in the West Bottoms. The five artists who run the gallery (Cory Imig, Nicole Mauser, Caleb Taylor, and Misha and Amy Kligman) program a dynamic schedule of events to keep the 350-square-foot space full of art and culture and appreciators of same. In addition to the Critique Night Series, for which artists tack their work onto the walls between exhibitions, inviting comments from anyone curious enough to show up, Plug's projects include the Frames Per Second film series; the Art Writing = Critical initiative (supporting writing workshops and a fledgling critical publication); and Conduit, a multidisciplinary series of events, such as poetry readings and musical performances, tied to themes in the art on exhibit. In just over a year, the artists behind Plug have figured out how to electrify their community. Here's hoping that they can keep up the pace going forward.

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