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Jeremy Wyatt

"The Rebel" Jeremy Wyatt has earned a second nickname: "The Belt Collector." In the last year, he has held the National Wrestling Alliance Missouri Championship, the NWA Central States Championship and the 3XW Heavyweight Championship (a wrestling promotion based in Des Moines). Wyatt would have won the NWA Midwest Tag Team championship, too, but his do-gooder tag-team partner, Sir Bradley Charles, refused to cheat to win. Along with his rotund manager, Steven J. Girthy, Wyatt knows how to incite a crowd. At one match, a large woman in sweatpants stomped to the ring to get a piece of the pair. "That lady hates my guts," Wyatt said later. The 10-year veteran with heavy hands and a high tolerance for pain is making Kansas City, Kansas-based Metro Pro Wrestling fun. He consistently wrestles the best matches. "No matter who's on the show, I want people to look at me and say, 'That was the best guy on the show and that guy gave us our money's worth,' " Wyatt says. Of course, Wyatt wants to be in the big leagues. In the meantime, he works 40 hours a week as a receiving manager at Cosentino's Brookside Market, which he says is a "good job that pays well." It's something to fall back on if the WWE never calls, or he tires of being accosted by large women in sweats.

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