Best Pork Ribs

Danny Edwards Barbecue

2900 Southwest Boulevard | 816-283-0880

The lunch crowd at Danny Edwards is made up mostly of men, the kind who arrive in a truck that would never fit in your garage and who once played offensive line. These men of size have come for a single purpose: the chance to tear the bark off wood-fired meat with their teeth. They're here because they know that the hickory-fueled smoker on Southwest Boulevard yields ribs that shine as brightly as the pink pig statue at the front door. The silky long-end ribs offer a meat-to-fat ratio worthy of statistical study. And that's the beauty of Danny Edwards. Here, amid the scrape of forks against pots of beans and the thud of rib bones stacked on plates, the big and the hungry savor a dish that has earned the right to be called a delicacy.

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