Best Place to Try a Weird Omelet

Bell Street Mama's

Remember that Lily Tomlin character on Sesame Street, the one who sat in the oversized rocking chair talking about bizarre concoctions she'd like to eat? That character would love Bell Street Mama's list of 51 omelet combinations. Green beans, bacon and onion? Pineapple and cottage cheese? Hot dogs, onion and American cheese? Peanut butter, jelly and banana? Are you kidding? We used to think that alarms would go off and all the employees would point and laugh when someone finally ordered No. 30, but it turns out that the servers take the order for peanut butter, jelly and banana without giving it a second thought. Even more surprising is that the No. 30 doesn't taste bad -- the peanut butter and jelly overpower the egg, so it's mostly like eating a regular old peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich -- only it comes with a choice of browns or grits and toast or biscuits.
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