Best Place to Play Softball in the Shadow of Big Brother

Mulkey Square Park

Take Summit north across Interstate 670 and you'll happen upon a foreboding building with tinted windows and locked iron gates. Inside, the FBI brainstorms new and exciting ways to usurp America's civil liberties. Outside, just across the street, some Bad News Bears ringers brainstorm new and exciting ways to drop fly balls. Though perched at one of Kansas City's highest elevations, the baseball diamond at Mulkey Square Park is hardly visible to the general public. Favored by weekend-warrior ballers who favor PBR over Gatorade, the field is just big enough for fully grown sluggers: roughly 250 feet to the alleys and 300 feet to dead center. Hit the plastic cow perched in the sky and you'll attain instant immortality; hit the wacky tobaccy and you might get a call from Big Brother.
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