Best Place to Play Pinball

The Replay Lounge

The reason the Replay Lounge is the best place to play pinball should be fairly obvious: The indoor part of the bar is practically filled with pinball machines. Whereas pool -- the game of choice in most bars -- requires a vague sense of athleticism and inspires cross-clique competition, pinball is more reclusive and less physically demanding. Drinkers of the bar's cheap beer have quarters to spare for the machines, which range from the B-movie-inspired Mars Attacks game to a Playboy-themed table that moans. However, the real success of the Replay lies in its ability to keep nonpinball-loving types entertained even as their companions stare blankly ahead, focusing all attention on moving flippers so that little silver balls keep dinging. For that, there's an outdoor area where heat lamps keep patrons toasty during the colder seasons -- but not too warm for drunken snuggling with attractive friends. Everyone's a winner at the Replay.

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