Best Place to Meditate

Rime Buddhist Center

So you have no clue what a bodhisattva is. Ditto for sutra, paramita and dharma. (Isn't she that bohemian chick on TV who married an uptight corporate type on their first date?) That's OK. You don't have to be a Buddhist -- or even particularly enlightened -- to take advantage of the Rime Buddhist Center's deliciously sensual meditation sessions for a half hour every Wednesday at 7 p.m. In the temple, a cluster of candles flickers atop a table draped with red cloth while incense smolders gently. The hardwood is cool against bare feet, and red floor cushions are soft in front of an altar graced by a Buddha statue. Whirring fans create a breeze, and the last light of late afternoon filters in through stained-glass windows. A gong sounds. Before you know it, you find yourself chanting along in singsong: gate, gate, paragate.... Who cares what it means?
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