Best Place to Find Intelligent Women

ACLU 2uesdays

Simply put, intelligent women care about their civil liberties. With President Batshit in the position of nominating not one but two Supreme Court justices, it should come as little surprise that one of the best places to meet women who are smart and informed is the monthly social gathering of ACLU2, a group of area freedom fighters interested in energizing a "new generation of patriots." In addition to putting on special events (such as an old-school tent revival featuring a cakewalk and a full day of kick-ass local bands and performers), the group hosts a roving happy hour the second Tuesday of every month. In June, the group hung out at the Bulldog. In July, it was the ever-alluring patio of the Velvet Dog. In August, they ventured into the charming Strawberry Hill neighborhood to stake out turf at a bar called Irene's. In September? Governor Stumpy's in Waldo. (To find out about future ACLU 2uesdays, go to We have reason to believe that if you attend these events, you will meet smart women who actually want to talk to you over cocktails. But say you don't. At the very least, you will have familiarized yourself with neighborhood bars all over town. Either way you look at it, you win. And, dude -- civil liberties are way hot.
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