Best Place to Cut a Record

Blacklodge Recording

Of the many, many bands that have recorded at Ed Rose's storied Blacklodge studio in Eudora, some have ruled and some have drooled. One thing's for sure — they've all come out sounding great. Bands such as the Esoteric, Ultimate Fakebook, Coalesce, Casket Lottery, Kill Creek and Appleseed Cast are just a few of the celebrated acts that owe much of their success to the wizards at Blacklodge. And the studio continues to produce top-notch rock records — recent releases from Jackie Carol and Ad Astra Per Aspera come to mind. Blacklodge is far from an elitist ivory tower, however. The place holds recording workshops several times a year to school young apprentices in the fine art of cutting killer jams.
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