Best Place to Buy Little Carrots and Like It

Local Harvest I and II

Local Harvest owner Heather Hands is doing a great thing for little carrots. (And for little apples and tomatoes and avocados and potatoes.) Which is not to say all locally grown organic food is somehow stunted, because it's not. It's just not always gargantuan and waxy and frighteningly uniform, like the big supermarket's selections of (shh, maybe genetically altered?) mass-grown, chemically sprayed fruits and veggies. Hands knows the local suppliers of her produce and also sells our favorite hippy-dippy products, such as Annie's Naturals Shiitake Mushroom Vinaigrette, which would make a stapler taste awesome if you poured it on top. On Wednesdays, her number-two location is the site of a farmer's market along 18th Street, to which local growers schlep home-baked cookies, hand-picked flowers and produce, and freshly butchered meats. It's a clever arrangement; the people who grew it or cooked it or killed it are right there, and they are so sweet you can't help but buy a little somethin'.
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