Best Place to Break Up with Someone


It's a matter of equilibrium. If someone's mind will spin when you say the inevitable unpleasant but consoling words that end a relationship ("It's not you. I just need my own space"), it always helps to be at a restaurant that spins in the opposite direction. That way the cast-off boyfriend or girlfriend can get grounded again ... fast. And because Skies is a revolving restaurant, the spin cycle can last either as long as it takes to finish that grilled swordfish and shrimp en brouchette or as quickly as it takes to get a martini thrown in your face. The restaurant is on the 41st floor and the windows are sealed, so it's unlikely that any dismissed lover will attempt anything too dramatic. The veteran servers here are accustomed to calming down nervous patrons, and the chef, Tina Meyers, has been known to bake cakes decorated with "Happy Divorce" in festive frosting.
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