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Best Place to Blow a Diet 2008: The Peppercorn Duck Club

Walk into a bookstore, turn on the TV news, browse the Internet -- there's almost always some new diet plan or weight-loss technique confronting both you and your guilt about not losing those annoying extra pounds. There are two ways to handle this stressful information: Either buy the pills, the exercise machine, the juicer, the weight-loss plan and the miracle milkshakes, or just give in to temptation and let the chocolate chips fall where they may. If a diet fails to raise your sense of self-esteem, you might as well go for an elegant, pull-out-the-stops dinner. The Peppercorn Duck Club lavishes its customers with attention (women receive American Beauty roses) and offers dishes that overload the senses, including the signature duck, slow-roasted to a gloriously crispy golden brown and stuffed with apples and oranges. After a long dinner, patrons are given free reign to overindulge at the Ultra Chocolatta Bar, with its bounty of sweet truffles, spectacular layered tortes, hot pudding cake, cookies, ice cream and tarts. The bliss is so intense that it's easy to blot out the memories of powdered shakes and celery-apple juice for at least another day.
Starts: Jan. 14. Daily, 2009

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