Best Pickup Joint for Liberals

Wednesday Night Peace and Justice Teach-ins

Single people won't find any Ashcroft-loving, death-penalty supporting Republicans at the Wednesday Night Peace and Justice Teach-ins. No, this is the pickup joint for lonely- (bleeding-) heart lefties who wear alpaca hats and read The Nation. Standard come-ons won't work -- you can forget "Hey, baby, wanna save my whale?" Instead, impress that pulchritudinous progressive by punctuating your conversation with references to corporate welfare, the prison-industrial complex, the WTO, Mumia Abu-Jamal, globalization, Tibet, factory farming, biopiracy and, of course, Leonard Peltier. And hey, even if you don't find a hemp-friendly honey to hit on, you'll still learn something -- which is kinda the point. The teach-ins, sponsored by the Alliance for Democracy, American Friends Service Committee, the Greens of Greater Kansas City and others, happen every Wednesday at 7 p.m. You'll get educated on stuff like the drug war, maquiladoras and school vouchers. If you get lucky, you can continue discussing those hot topics over coffee one-on-one -- fair trade, of course.
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