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Citydog Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

The life of a city dog can be rough -- no yard, no access to squirrels, a daylong wait to go for a walk. But Sandy Brown's clients are always wagging their tails. Brown is owner and founder of Citydog Dog Walking and Pet Sitting. Known as "the lady who is friend to many dogs," Brown saves dogs the trauma of being confined to a cage in unfamiliar surroundings while their owners go on vacation or business trips. She also relieves pet owners' guilt by stopping by during the workday to take their dogs for walks. She brings a sense of humor to her work, such as when she writes "a day in the life of a city dog," which is a journal entry from the pet's perspective. She's been known to snap pictures of the dogs she walks and leave them as presents for owners upon their return. And Brown sends her customers a quarterly newsletter to keep them updated on her new services, such as chauffeuring pets to the veterinarian or bathing them at their homes. What better friend could a city dog want?

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