Best of Kansas City 2013

Our top dogs - the people and places and events we believe are 2013's best.

Cover Story

It is a common misconception that a dog ages seven years to our one. Science actually shows that one of the animals you see on the cover of our annual Best of Kansas City issue has caused every human here at 1701 Main to grow several years older just since adoption day. Dogs give off energy, and they use up ours - and that's as it should be.

Ditto this city. Every restaurant and bar, every boutique and gallery, every artist and performer, every hot startup and chilly winter patio radiates a unique energy. And the best of them do what they do as though by sure canine instinct. There's a lounge in midtown that wants to lick your face. There's a downtown coffeehouse that knows how cute it is. There's a shop out south that plays dead on Sundays.

When the transference of energy is right, when we give and get and give back, and loyalty ensues, we know we've made a best friend. (And we know you have your own, which you've backed with more votes than ever before in our readers' poll. Thank you.) A trip around the sun in this city can pack a dog's year of openings and closings and improvements and defections. A lot has changed in KC since we did this last October, and plenty won't be the same 12 months from now. For now, though, these are our top dogs - the people and places and events we believe are 2013's best. Woof.

Special Thanks
Kevin Moore, of Moore Remodeling, built the set.
Models: Bendi, Buckley, Carl, Daisy, Dexter, Dusty, Hank, Macy, Mini, Ollie, Pendleton and Scooby

Art Director: Ashford Stamper
Photographer: Chris Mullins
Writers: Berry Anderson, Theresa Bembnister, Liz Cook, Charles Ferruzza, April Fleming, Deborah Hirsch, David Hudnall, Justin Kendall, Larry Kopitnik, Angela Lutz, Ben Palosaari, Nancy Hull Rigdon, Steve Vockrodt, Scott Wilson

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