Best Non-Bottled Water

ECO-Choice Natural Spring Water

We know the dilemma: wanting to quaff pure spring water without swallowing enough leached plastic to turn into a Barbie doll. Now we can. Since Earth Day 2009, ECO-Choice Natural Spring Water, a product of Overland Park-based CRB Group Springwater LLC, has been pumping fresh spring water into a less environmentally devastating package. Consider this: Americans discard about 50 billion plastic water bottles each year that are destined to persist in landfills for centuries. ECO-Choice packaging is made by melding together layers of virgin paper with polyethylene (hey, no one's perfect) and foil. If Missouri and Kansas were more forward-thinking, the packaging would be recyclable into high-end tissue-paper products, as it is in 29 other states. Even without that bonus, though, the paper is obtained from sustainable forests, and distribution is carbon-neutral, so there's no green guilt when hydrating hangovers.

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