Best Nightclub Fashion Trend (Male)

The Man Mule and the Mandal

Since the demise of the manpri (male capri pants) a couple of summers ago, we've been hard-pressed to spot another prevalent male fashion statement among the bon vivants who frequent the nightlife scene. Oh sure, there are plenty of guys who still wear the tight, ribbed T-shirt tucked into pants, which just screams, "I am going to XO." To them, we say: "You're not cute. Don't talk to us. Especially if you're wearing a gold chain, too." This past summer, though, we noticed a plethora of man mules (the toeless leather slides) and mandals (clunky guy sandals involving woven strips of leather and a buckle). Seen in a variety of venues, from the David Lee Roth/Sammy Hagar show to Have a Nice Day Café to even Dave's Stagecoach Inn, they were the one item that transcended time and place. Well, that, and hemmed blue-jean shorts, which we didn't like in the '80s and still don't like now.
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